Mont Saint Michel

Pilgrimage to Mount Saint-Michel (Savoy, France)

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Have you ever thought of making a pilgrimage on foot for our world?

Walking and praying, towards a blessed place, a sanctuary, a church, a chapel, or even a cross… Offering to God our walk, our efforts and our prayers. And ask for mercy for our world!

From Our Lady of Myans’ sanctuary to Mont Saint-Michel!

This is what the Perpetual Rosary for the World team did on Sunday, October 24. After Mass, we received a blessing from Father Serge, and we began to say the rosary for the world at the Shrine of Our Lady of Myans.

Then, equipped with our sticks and the strength of the Lord, we made a pilgrimage to the Chapel of Mont Saint-Michel in Savoy. We walked through the vineyards while continuing our rosary. We were able to admire the magnificent colors of this autumn season while thanking God for his beautiful creation.

After a steep and joyful climb to the Chapel, we prayed to Saint Michael asking him for his protection for our world. In the evening, despite the fatigue of our 5-hour walk, we were very happy to have lived this strong moment of prayer, friendship and relaxation, in a beautiful autumn landscape.


The Virgin Mary herself already asked to pray while on pilgrimage

At Our Lady of Kerio, in 1874, the Blessed Virgin appeared to a 12-year-old boy, Jean-Pierre Le Boterff, who was a farm servant in Brittany. While he was cutting millet in a field, he saw a beautiful Lady, shining like gold, above the nearby trees. She was wearing a blue dress with stars, a golden mantle and a white veil. And she spoke to him:

– “Come, my child. I am the Mother of God. Pray a lot, because I can no longer support the arm of my Son. Next Sunday, take with you some good Christian, your brother or your mother, and you will go to Sainte-Anne d’Auray to pray for Brittany. You will recite as many rosaries as there are grains in your rosary. And this pilgrimage, you will do it barefoot, except in the villages.”

– “But I can’t; my feet will hurt“, replied the boy.

– “No, I’ll put something under your feet and it won’t hurt […]

On the evening of September, 13th, Jean-Pierre left with his mother for Sainte-Anne d’Auray, walking barefoot all night and praying his Rosary to which his mother responded. They arrived around 4:00 am the next day. They made their devotions, attended mass and left to arrive home in the evening. The mother walked on her stockings, her shoes being completely worn out. They did not feel any fatigue, despite the 114 km they had covered!

There were then miracles attested to at Our Lady of Kerio. The young boy and his mother had prayed the Rosary for Brittany while walking.


What if we did as they did, but for our world? Whether we live in Europe, America, Asia, Africa or Australia, what if we made a small pilgrimage, 2 or 3 or more… offering along our walk, the Rosary for the World?