3 places in France where this Rosary Originated

The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Myans

An exceptionally beautiful site!

The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Myans is surrounded by the Alps: the massive Chartreuse and Bauges, on one side, and the splendid mountain range of Belledonne, with its snowy tops on the other side. It is also surrounded by vineyards, which produce the fine wines of Savoie.
Also, lakes, rivers…

In Myans, evil was set a limit

On November 24th 1248, Mount Granier (1938 meters), collapsed due to erosion and probably following an earthquake. An enormous block of rocks, roughly 500 million cubic meters, broke off and fell from the mountain, burying the neighboring villages and killing more than 5000 people. The Chapel of Myans was the only construction spared by the disaster. The enormous boulders and rocks hurtled down from the heights and stopped right at the door of the oratory where the monks were praying the Hail Mary. However, on both sides of the chapel, the huge boulders continued to crash down the slope into the plain.

In the midst of this destruction, the chapel was astonishingly preserved–truly a miracle of the Virgin Mary.


The miracle of Our Lady of Myans


About the Sanctuary of Our Lady Of Myans…

In Myans, Mary stops the burdens threatening to crush us:



Since then, people come to Myans to pray to Our Lady, especially when they are facing ordeals, epidemics and calamities!

A large number of testimonies tell us of the many graces that have been granted by the Virgin Mary in this place. A previous rector of the Sanctuary, Father Louis Robert, told us about the wonderful miracles he witnessed in this place …

The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Myans is the origin of the “Perpetual Rosary for the World.”

The fresco in the crypt, depicts the Virgin Mary preventing, by her intercession, the Sanctuary from being buried under tons of boulders!

Likewise, today, if we place the world under her protection day and night, She will stop evil, the pandemic and violence … for her son Jesus cannot refuse anything to his mother…

Myans is situated at the heart of a spiritual shrine:

The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Myans is surrounded by places extremely rich in powerful, spiritual symbols!

  • At a height of 1547 meters, the towering Nivolet Cross, dominates the valley. Standing at the impressive height of 21 meters, the Cross can be seen from very far away, and there are very few places that are not under the protection of the Cross.
  • The chapel dedicated to Saint Michael, the Archangel, stands on top of the Mountain nearest to Myans.
  • In Chambéry, the nearest city, the Holy Chapel of the Castle of the Dukes of Savoie has hosted the Holy Shroud and still bears the marks of this precious visit.
  • The Carmel of Chambéry, where the Carmelites have prayed for four centuries, has been preserved and, in silence and contemplation, one can experience timeless prayer.
  • Chambéry bears the marks of two future saints, to be beatified: Camille Costa de Beauregard, father of the Orphans of the Bocage, and Marie-Marthe Chambon, a mystic and apostle of the Holy Wounds of Christ.

The Sanctuary Our Lady of Myans

With the high golden statue of the Virgin blessing people who pass in the valley, she is a powerful symbol for such distressing times. Let us come and ask Mary graces for our world, let us offer our “Perpetual Rosary for the World” so that Humanity can be preserved from collapsing!



The Carmelite Convent of Chambery

Saint Michel Archange


The Carmelite Convent of Chambéry was founded in the Duché of Savoie on December 8th 1634. It was then closed in 1793 due to the revolution, and reopened in 1825. The ceremony of the dedication of the church of the current Convent to Our Lady of Mount Carmel and Saint Teresa of Avila, took place on October 21st 1838. In November 2016, the prioress announced that the community was going to close. However, Monsignor Philippe Ballot, some of the faithful, and the prioress were inspired by the Holy Spirit to keep the Carmelite Convent open so that it can continue as a place to pray in silence and solitude.




Carmelite vocation

Strongly influenced by sacred tradition, life at the Convent is primarily one of intense and silent prayer, with time allotted to work, solitude and joyful fraternal life. The contemplative nuns live in the presence of our living God to reveal Him to the wider world. They hold a mission of prayer at the heart of the Church and for the world. Each day, time is set aside for personal prayer and meditation on the word of God, imitating the Saints of Carmel: St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, St. Teresa of the Child Jesus, and also more recently, St. Elisabeth of the Trinity, St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross and Father Marie Eugène.



The Convent is “a place where guests can learn a life of prayer following Carmelite spirituality”. It welcomes retreatants to experience prayer, spiritual renewal, by encouraging personal prayer, time alone, the Eucharist, Adoration, and the Rosary.

Saint Michel Archange

A powerful spiritual place for the “Perpetual Rosary for the World “

At the top of the monumental staircase is the small Carmelite Oratory. It was in this place that God answered the call of three friends who were asking Him what they could possibly do for our world so troubled by the pandemic.

In front of the Blessed Sacrament, after a long period of silent prayer, the Lord gave the vision of the Perpetual Rosary for the World.

Then, after a period of discernment, ten days later, the Perpetual Rosary for the World was started in the chapel of the Carmel. It was on October 1st 2020. Since that day, it continues to be said, in the same place, every Friday at 4 p.m.

The Chapel of the “Perpetual Adoration” in Chambéry

2013:  An Inspiration

That year, a small group of people got together to start a “Perpetual Adoration” in Chambéry, with the support of the Diocesan Bishop.

After several months looking for an adequate place in the Diocese, a place was finally found: a small room, which had been dedicated to the University Christian Centre, near the church of St Joseph in Chambéry. Thanks to the renovation work achieved by some volunteers, the room was turned into a lovely adoration chapel, where faithful adorers take turns day and night in front of the Blessed Sacrament since April 22nd 2014.


Intense Devotion

Such adoration chapels are places of intense fervor and devotion and they are a source of blessings for the town where they are situated. They are also peaceful places, where God resides, and where He calls us to remain in Him.

An hour of communion with God is the source of real Life.

During these moments when our hearts are united to His, there is no doubt that Our Lord pours His abundant graces upon us!

Will we answer the call of God: “Watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation”?