Prayer of the Perpetual Rosary for the World


« Lord, we are offering this Rosary for the much needing world, for the victory of life over death, for the victory of truth over falsehood, for communion to be stronger than division, and so that your love may reign in all hearts. Amen »

Credo + Our Father + 3 Hail Mary

1st mystery:  The Annunciation

The angel Gabriel said to Mary that she will be the mother of the Saviour (allow a few minute meditation).

« Lord, thou are the source of life. We pray for those who have gone astray, those who do not know you and those who do not love you. Give them joy let them believe in your love. »

Our Father + 10 Hail Mary

2nd mystery:  The birth of Jesus

Our Saviour was born in a humble and poor stable in Bethlehem (allow a few minute meditation).

« Lord, forgive us for those who sin against life. Let all men be granted a great respect for life as a sacred gift from God. Protect our children and young people. »

Our Father + 10 Hail Mary

3rd mystery:  the Crucifixion

Jesus dies on the Cross, out of love for humanity, and Mary stands by him (allow a few minute meditation).

« Lord, we pray for those who suffer and carry painful crosses; those who are oppressed, who are victims of lies, illnesses, violence, and war… Lord, help them! »

Our Father + 10 Hail Mary

4th mystery: the Resurrection

Jesus defeats death, and opens for us the door to eternal life (allow a few minute meditation).

« Lord, we pray you to protect all people. Through the Cross, save our world!
Reduce our trials, and grant us peace. Protect our families. We believe in your victory. We place our trust in you! »

Our Father + 10 Hail Mary

5th mystery:  Mary is Crowned as Queen of Heaven and Earth

Mary is queen of Heaven and earth, and almighty mediator on the heart of God (allow a few minute meditation).

« Lord, deliver us from the spirit of pride, which pervades throughout the world and causes so many wars. Help us become humble; so that we can receive the joy and freedom of the children of God. Let Mary, our mother, protect the world and grant us the graces we need. »

Our Father + 10 Hail Mary

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit:  As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

Oh my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fire of hell, take our souls to Heaven, and help especially those most in need of your mercy.

Word of God

Reading of the Gospel of the day.

Saint Michael the Archangel,

with your light enlighten us, Saint Michael the Archangel with your wings protect us, Saint Michael the Archangel with your sword defend us against evil and sin; let us be children of the light.

My Jesus, pardon and mercy,

for the world, through the merits of Thy Holy Wounds (3 times).

Prayer for our countries

Everyone can pray for his or her own country.

Prayer for France (Marcel Van)

“Lord Jesus, have compassion on France,
Graciously hold it tightly in your love and show it much tenderness.
So ordain things that, full of love for you, it contributes to make you loved In all nations on earth.
Oh Love of Jesus, we now promise to remain always faithful to you And to work with a heart on fire to spread your reign throughout the universe. Amen”

Prayer of Saint John Paul II

“Ô Mother of Mercy, we entrust to your heart and to your love the people of all nations and the Church of the earth. Keep us from all injustice, division, violence and war.

Ô Mother of Christ, may you be our comfort and give strength to those who suffer: to the poor, to the lonely, to the sick, to the unloved, to the abandoned. Bring peace to our divided world; and the light of hope to all of us. Amen.”

Notre-Dame de Myans