Novena for our World in Danger

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Hard times at our doorstep…

December 8, 2021, the feast of the Immaculate Conception, will mark the end of the special year of Saint Joseph. He, the protector of the Universal Church, has protected the world for the past year, and we are deeply grateful to him.

But what will happen after December 8? Many prophets today, often recognized by their bishops on different continents, have been announcing that very difficult times are at our door!

Are we going to stand still and wait, arms folded?

Saved in extremis !

You may remember the prophet Jonah from the Bible. He had an “impossible mission”: to awaken the people of Nineveh so that they would turn away from evil and their lives would be spared. Jonah, after having cowardly fled from the immensity of the task that God entrusted to him, finally returned to Nineveh shouting the prophecy that the Lord had given him:
Another 40 days and Nineveh will be destroyed!
And what happened? The people believed in God. And they began to fast, and put on sackcloth and ashes, and begged God to spare them… And God saw their reaction, and heard their prayers… And He did not allow their city to be destroyed. The people of Nineveh, who should have perished, were saved!

And we, at the end of 2021, what keeps us from getting on the move?

Can’t we beg God, like the people of Nineveh, so that the coming trials could be lessened or even avoided?
Of course, we can, with God’s Grace! Our Heavenly Mother, in her numerous apparitions, such as at La Salette in 1846, Fatima in 1917,  Akita in 1973, often said that if we do as asked by the Virgin Mary, the trials will be avoided!

Living a powerful spiritual experience

Over the centuries, Christ and the Virgin Mary have taught us how to touch the Heart of God and receive his Mercy. Now it is high time to do as we have been taught, and to make good use of the precious and powerful arm: prayer! That is why we are offering to you this powerful spiritual experience with the “Novena for our world in danger“.

For 9 days, like the inhabitants of Nineveh, we will beg God. And during these 9 days, we will take the most effective means to prove our love for him and intercede for the world:

    Novena for our world in danger

    • the Rosary for the world, which we will say every day (at least 1 decade per day)
    • fasting: bread and water on specific days, and/or fasting from entertainment, screens, non-essential purchases, etc., trying, during 9 days, to turn our back on what keeps us away from God.
    • the Eucharist and/or adoration as much as possible.
    • the prayer of the Holy Wounds, of which Jesus Himself said: “If you say this prayer, I cannot refuse you anything”. To be said every day.

    And if possible :

    the sacrament of confession
    works of charity, giving offerings to those in need.

    An ideal date: December 8, feast of the Immaculate Conception!

    The Novena will begin on November 29 and end on the eve of the feast of the Immaculate Conception.
    Thus our hearts will be prepared by this Novena for this great feast, and by Advent, for Christmas!

    The Novena will protect our world!

    This mighty Novena will be said in fervor in many countries.
    This is why we are sure that it will have consequences in the near future. God, who is Mercy, will let himself be touched.

    The world will be protected to the extent of our commitment!


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