combat spirituel

The three weapons given by the Virgin Mary

Power of the Rosary, Power of the Rosary

Nowadays, we have all been immersed in a great battle, between Light and Darkness. On a human level, we cannot win– we do not have the strength. But the Virgin Mary has given us three invincible weapons…

The battle is raging on

No one can deny that today, the forces of darkness, division and death, seem very powerful. They intrude into families, groups, countries, into the Church, and even the planet seems threatened. We are in a great spiritual battle.

We try to fight with our human forces, but they are inadequate: in fact, we absolutely need the help of Heaven! It is the Mother of Our Savior, Mary, who offered humanity the indispensable weapons for the triumph of the Light in her apparitions.

The weapon of protection

Mary gave us a very simple weapon that is a powerful means of protection against man’s enemies: the Miraculous Medal.

This medal was given to Saint Catherine Labouré in 1830 to “protect all those who will wear it with confidence.” Its great effectiveness has been proven by numerous miracles, extraordinary cures and unexpected conversions! On this beautiful medal, Mary is represented standing over the world, her foot crushing the head of the snake, and her hands open from which the rays of graces with which she wants to fill us emanate.
In the times in which we live, who could say that he or she does not need this miraculous medal, the protective presence of Mary?

The weapon of defense

Our heavenly Mother then gave us the means to defend ourselves against attacks, temptations, discouragement, division and war. Her great weapon that she begged us to use, in Fatima and in many other apparitions, is the Prayer of the Rosary! It is so simple and powerful that Saint Louis Marie Grignon de Montfort called the Rosary “the slingshot”– like the one little David used to overcome the giant, Goliath.

The Virgin Mary assured Sister Lucia of Fatima that there is no problem of any kind, personal, family, national or even international, that cannot be totally resolved by the Rosary!

The weapon of Salvation

The time we will need the greatest help is at the hour of our death. This is why the Virgin Mary strongly advises us to wear the Scapular. She gave it in 1251 to the Carmelite monk, Saint Simon Stock, making him the promise that “those who die wearing the Scapular will never know the pains of Hell,” as it is a sign of salvation, protection and support. To show the importance of the Scapular, Mary appeared with this precious object in Pellevoisin, France, and in Fatima, Portugal.

How fortunate we are to be assured of not going to Hell by wearing this holy protection that will obtain our salvation!