Revelation of the Virgin Mary on the Annunciation

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On March 25, we will celebrate the Annunciation. And here is the magnificent gift that the Virgin Mary gave us: she revealed to us everything that happened, precisely, at the time of the Annunciation, that moment that is so crucial for Humanity! Here is the wonderful and very touching story, which has been praised by seven popes and countless theologians and cardinals for four centuries…

Would you like to know the extraordinary Life of the Virgin Mary?

The Blessed Virgin Mary chose a woman, a nun, to reveal to everyone the wonders of her Life: the Venerable Mary of Jesus of Agreda, born in 1602, who received visits from the Queen of Heaven. Under her inspiration, the humble nun, who had not studied, wrote an extraordinary book on the Life of the Virgin Mary, “The Mystical City of God“, and this book received the approval of the Church. Seven popes have openly declared their wonder at this account which reveals the hitherto hidden treasures of the Life of the Mother of God…

Here is the excerpt where Mary revealed what she experienced at the Annunciation:

Careful preparations

Before the decisive event of the Annunciation, the Most High prepared the Virgin Mary for nine days. He visited her in beatific visions and granted Her great graces so that she would be worthy to receive the Son of God into her womb. He showed her the wonders He had done during each of the seven days of Creation. He revealed to her secrets unknown to the Blessed themselves, and especially the extreme inclination He had to give Himself away. The young Virgin Mary, a perfect model of total humility, bowed to the ground and ardently begged the Father to send her Son to save Humanity, which was being delivered to suffering and death.

A shining Archangel bowed before the humble one

Then God entrusted the Archangel Gabriel with his mission to the Blessed Virgin and even told him the words with which he should greet her. Full of joy, the heavenly prince descended from Heaven. The beauty of his face radiating glory, the majesty of his air, the modesty of his manners, the magnificence of his clothes, everything about him was extraordinary.
Mary was then fourteen years, six months and seventeen days old. Her height was greater than that of girls of her age. She had an oval face, fine features, large and modest eyes, of an incomparable brightness tempered by the smile of innocence, in a word so perfectly beautiful that she would remain without equal. Her sight inspired sympathy, deep respect and heavenly feelings. Her dress was poor and clean, the color of ashes, of a very great modesty.

When the Archangel arrived, Mary was in her tiny, unadorned room, meditating on the wonderful favors she had received. She implored with all her heart the coming of the Messiah. Then the Archangel Gabriel appeared to her with a procession of angels. The humble Mary wanted to prostrate herself at his feet, but he prevented her from doing so and it was he, instead, who bowed deeply to her.

Here at last was the Incarnation, awaited for centuries

The Archangel spoke the wonderful words given by God himself and said in the rosary: “Hail, full of grace, the Lord is with Thee; blessed art Thou among women.” Then Mary was troubled, for she considered herself the last of the creatures, and she could never have imagined that she would be chosen to become the mother of the Savior… The heavenly messenger reassured her: “Mary, do not be afraid, for you have found favor with God. You will conceive and bear a Son whom you shall name Jesus.”

Then Mary asked God for special help to act in a way that was in accordance with His Will, in a matter of such great importance! And then she asked how this would be done since she had taken a vow of perpetual chastity.
The angel said to her: “It is easy for the divine power to make you a mother while keeping you a virgin. This will be the work of the Holy Spirit, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you, so that the Holy of Holies may be born from you, who will be called the Son of God. Your cousin Elizabeth conceived a son in her old age and barrenness, for nothing is impossible for God. He who gave her this grace can give you back her mother while preserving your virginal purity. He will give you a Son who will inherit the throne of David and reign over the house of Jacob forever. You are not unaware of the prophecy of Isaiah, according to which a virgin will give birth to a Son who will be called Emmanuel, that is, God with us.

To do great things, it takes two: God gave Mary the freedom of choice

The prudent Mary took the time to discern and consider the greatness of such a work. Her heart was inflamed for God with the most ardent love. In a sublime effort and impulse, this love provided the material for the Incarnation. Then the immaculate Virgin pronounced her admirable acquiescence: “I am the handmaid of the Lord! Let it be done to me according to your word.”

Immediately, the Holy Trinity formed in her, from her human matter, the body and soul of Jesus, and the Word of God was then united to this tiny body and soul. The Most Holy Virgin was raised to a beatific vision where she knew the hypostatic union of the two natures, divine and human, of her Son. And the Most Holy Trinity confirmed to her the title and rights of Mother of God.

Extreme happiness and painful martyrdom

The Lord wanted all of nature to rejoice at the happy event of the Incarnation. The heavens and the earth were moved, the stars became brighter, the birds sang more, the flowers had more fragrance and the trees more fruit. The angels were overjoyed, and in limbo all the dead rejoiced when Saint Michael announced this great news, for the Savior was to deliver them…

As for the Virgin Mary, she knew an immense happiness. But it was soon accompanied by a very deep pain: she knew the sufferings that the Redeemer would have to endure, and this knowledge made her life a continual martyrdom. She begged the Father many times to allow her to experience the torments of the Passion herself, in place of her Son. But at the same time, she fully accepted the divine Will…

What an inventive and joyful God!

The presence of the Child-God within her inflamed Mary with such love that she needed help from God to bear its ardor… in order to bring her some sensible relief, He sent little birds to greet her, fluttering and singing around her, and they would not withdraw until they had received His blessing.

The Queen of creatures then commanded the birds to acknowledge the Creator within her and to sing praises to Him for the existence they owed to Him. They immediately obeyed and filled the air with their sweet harmonies, then lowering their flight to the ground, they bowed to the Son and the Mother.
These little ambassadors of Creation thus joyfully welcomed the Savior who was going to restore the Peace of the universe… and His Mother, who was working with Him…

Excerpt from “Divine Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary”, by Mary of Jesus of Agreda (condensed from “The Mystical City of God”)