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The power of the prayers of children

Power of the Rosary


The spiritual battle between light and darkness is raging throughout the whole world!  We cannot see the full extent of it as yet, but we know that the world is now facing a storm…

We sense that we should do something as soon as possible, before darkness engulfs the world and before it’s too late…

OK, but what can we do?

There is a tool that has saved countries and people in the past! Can it not then save the whole world?

What is this extraordinary tool?

You know, of course, half the answer: the prayer of the Rosary. And the other half is: the prayers of children.
Because children have pure hearts, their prayers go directly to God. There is probably no more powerful prayer than that of the Rosary prayed by children!

How did Virgin Mary stop wars?  How did she protect countries from awful hardships?

She appeared to children asking them to pray the Rosary!

Pontmain, France, in 1870

In 1870, when Prussians invaded half of France and were going to take the city of Laval, the Blessed Mother appeared to Eugène Barbedette (13 years old) and to her brother Joseph (11 years old), then to other children from their village of Pontmain*. And what did she say to them?
« Do pray my children!  God will answer you very soon. » So they started praying the Rosary to end the war… and on that same night, the Prussian General received the order to turn back… And the war ended a few days later…

Fátima, Portugal, in 1917

During the First World War, the same thing happened. This time, it was in Fátima where the Holy Virgin appeared to 3 children:  Jacinta (7 years old), her brother Francisco (9 years old), and their cousin Lucia (10 years old). And here is what she asked:
« Do pray the Rosary every day for peace in the world and to end the war. »

L’Ile Bouchard, France, in 1947

In 1947, the Virgin Mary appeared again to some children in l’Ile Bouchard, France (*). And she asked the three little girls:
« Tell little children to pray for France which is in great danger these days. »
Thanks to the prayers of these little girls who said the Rosary, France avoided an impending civil war.

There are also many other examples, all verified, where miracles were obtained by children who prayed the Rosary.

During World War I, in 1917

Marshal Foch, the great French General, knew very well that the prayers of children open the door to Heaven … During World War I, he went through villages near the frontline and gathered children who were playing in the square and brought them to the Church. Kneeling down among them, he had them pray the “Holy Mary“.  His trust in the Virgin Mary was not disappointed because, thanks to prayers of the children, he obtained what was called « the Miracle of the Marne », whereby the enemy, who was vastly superior in force and equipment, was successfully pushed back. This happened on September 8, 1917, and September 8 is the very Feast day of the Nativity of Mary!  The Virgin Mary particularly loves to grant great graces on her Feast days…

So, if we want to prevent darkness from overtaking our world, let’s imitate our heavenly Mother, and let’s invite children to pray the Rosary for our world! On this coming September 8, in the Sanctuary Our Lady of Myans, in France and in other countries…

* Apparitions recognized by the Church


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