A Wonderful Launch Day!

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25th March 2021: such a great day!

It was on the Feast of the Annunciation, when the angel Gabriel said for the first time “Hail Mary full of grace” that the “Endless Rosary for the World was officially inaugurated!

This powerful event started early in the morning, when we set off on a pilgrimage from Chambéry to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Myans. Hymns, prayers and joy, and a bright sun made our walk light and lively! And it was also a rich opportunity for sharing experiences.

At the crypt of Myans, about sixty persons assisted at the Mass, and fervently prayed the “Endless Rosary for the World”. Afterwards, Father Christian Auffret, rector of the sanctuary, solemnly blessed this Rosary, so that it could shine and bring protection and blessings to our so troubled world.

This is when it occurred to us that we could pray regularly at Myans, every last Sunday of the month, the “Endless Rosary for the World”.

Indeed, the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Myans is the ideal place, both for the inauguration of the “Endless Rosary for the World”, and for its foundation and its spiritual expansion. For in Myans, in 1248, during the great Granier mountain collapse, the Virgin Mary protected the monks who were praying in front of her statue. As in Cana, she interceded with her Son, and He preserved the monks from death and evil. As we can see on the fresco in the crypt, the demons were prevented from acting by the prayer to Mary. Likewise today, in our troubled times, the Virgin Mary, whom we pray with faith in this rosary, can make her Son repel the evil which is so harshly threatening our world.



The Rosary is so powerful! Ever and ever it brings miracles!

Under the blessing of Our Lady of Myans who protects us from evil, let us pray together this “Endless Rosary for the World”, so that it will build a tremendous rampart to protect the world! The foundation stone was laid on 25th March, and from now on, the rampart is building itself, day after day, thanks to the most precious stones brought by every one of us.


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