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What if the Virgin Mary came to visit you?

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In this precious month of the Rosary, we can receive a very special visitation from our Heavenly Mother!

In order for this to happen, all we have to do is desire Her presence at our side by praying the Rosary with our heart!

And if we want to experience Her presence and closeness even more, we can invite the Virgin Mary in a very special way. How can we do this?

Let us welcome Mary to our home in the form of a Pilgrim Virgin

This is what we did in Chambéry:

On September 30, the place of origin of the Perpetual Rosary for the world, the Carmelite Convent of Chambéry, we welcomed a magnificent Statue of the Pilgrim Virgin, Our Lady of France. Her solemn entrance illuminated the church where we, God’s lowly ones, were fervently waiting for her. The church resounded unanimously in song: “In our home, be Queen!” In joy, we processed behind Our Lady, who was wrapped in the sun, to the altar where she joined the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

What beauty! What emotions and hope!

Mary introduced us to a very prayerful Mass. Then, with Our Blessed Mother, the first adorer of Jesus in the tabernacle, we adored Our Lord in a vigil of adoration throughout the night.

The next day, the Pilgrim Virgin began her visitation by going from family to family, visiting parishes, schools, old people’s homes and all those who wished to welcome Her… And she granted many beautiful graces!

And you, why not also invite the Pilgrim Virgin to your Church, home and town? Our Mother in Heaven will grant new graces to you, your friends, your parish and your community.

Let us finally respond to Mary’s request at Fatima!

In the presence of Our Pilgrim Virgin, after the night of adoration in the Carmelite convent, we did what Our Lady of the Rosary insisted on at Fatima: the Reparative Devotion to her Immaculate Heart.
It was October 1st, the first Saturday of the month, as recommended for this devotion. And, in Faith,

  • we prayed the Rosary for the world,
  • we meditated on the mysteries of the Rosary for 15 minutes,
  • we received the Sacrament of Confession, and then,
  • we participated in the Holy Mass, with the intention of making reparation for the offenses done to Mary.

This seems like a small thing, and yet, the Mother of God promised immense blessings from the fruits of this Devotion!  She promised, among other things, the cessation of wars and peace!  And other priceless gifts from Heaven for everyone…

What if you too, where you live, responded to this urgent request of the Blessed Mother?  What if you made it known to others around you? It’s simple, you have all the information on this website.

Times are urgent!

As soon as we turn on television or read a newspaper, we immediately realize that threats are increasingly weighing on the world. Threats of war, perhaps nuclear, new epidemics, heat waves and climate change, food and energy shortages…

Above all, let’s not give up! More than ever, let us keep CONFIDENCE !

For if we pray and invoke Mary by doing what she recommends, if we make her message radiate so that others around us can pray too, then she will protect the world!

Let’s not put it off. Let’s raise our hearts!