The Perpetual Rosary to Protect the World!

Power of the Rosary


[Translation of an article published in the March 2022 issue ofParole et Prière.]


Faced with the trials that our world is going through, four friends received in their prayers, in September 2020, a call from the Lord in a vision: to develop a “Perpetual Rosary for the world”. Inaugurated on March 25, 2021 in Savoy, France, approved by the bishop, this Rosary keeps spreading, since then, in 46 countries, by the Grace of God.

The Rosary is a powerful weapon. The Virgin Mary asks, in all her apparitions and messages, that we pray the rosary. This prayer has already stopped or prevented wars (in 1870 at Pontmain, in 1918 at Fatima, in 1947 at Île Bouchard…). Sister Lucia, the visionary of Fatima, said in 2005, shortly before her death, that the prayer of the Rosary has received a very great power for our time.

Each of us can understand this call as a personal mission: to intercede with Mary, the all-powerful mediator on the Heart of God, to obtain the protection and salvation of the world.

By praying the rosary and meditating on the mysteries, we immerse ourselves in the contemplation of the life of Jesus and Mary. We enter into intimacy with our Lord and this nourishes and transforms us. This mystery of Christ’s love penetrates the depths of our soul and raises it to holiness.

The more we pray the Rosary, the more we become immersed in the life of Jesus and discover the unfathomable depth of his love for us.

Mary calls us to unite with one another in this prayer. This communion and this universal dimension reinforce its power.

We have faith and trust that every prayer is heard and given to the will of God in his plan of Love for the world. Therefore, let us remain animated by this Joy and fully confident in this hope of Salvation!

This specific Rosary, which is prayed in different countries at different times of the day and night, is perpetual and can be reinforced by a simple decade or a whole rosary that each one can offer for our world.

Each bead of the Rosary is a precious prayer: it is a stone that builds the bulkwark of protection for the world. We invite you to have this experience, very rich in graces, and, with those who have already tasted this treasure, to offer it for our world which is in great need of it.