The Holy Cord: a Model for our Time of Tribulation?

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When we feel helpless in the face of situations that overwhelm us, when humanly speaking there is no solution: then let’s take a look at the Blessed Virgin Mary’s ‘heavenly finds’ to protect her children!
Here’s a magnificent example, among many others, that could be particularly inspiring for our times: the Miracle of the Holy Cord of Valenciennes (northern France)…

A plague has struck!

In the northern French town of Valenciennes, in the year 1008, a terrible plague began to wreak havoc. In just a few days, the epidemic known as “mal des ardents” had already claimed more than 8,000 victims. The inhabitants were terrorized, totally powerless in the face of this violent plague that threatened to wipe out the entire city.

The key role of local residents in honoring Mary

In Valenciennes, however, some of the inhabitants had long loved and honored the Virgin Mary. So, when the epidemic broke out, they turned with faith to their heavenly Mother and begged her for help. A hermit living on the outskirts of the town also did penance and interceded with all his heart. And lo and behold, their fervent prayer changed the course of events!

On August 31, the Consoler of the afflicted, the Virgin Mary, suddenly appeared to the hermit and said:

” Go to my people in Valenciennes. Ask them on my behalf to fast and pray the night before the feast of my Nativity. Then let them go up to the city walls, and there they will know that I have heard their prayers and the cry of their distress, and they will experience a glimpse of God’s goodness and omnipotence. There they will see wonders. »

The Celestial Cord

The hermit immediately set off to warn the inhabitants, who prepared themselves as the Virgin Mary had requested. On the night of September 7, many of them stood on the ramparts, watching in fasting and prayer. And then, at midnight, a great brightness lit up the sky. And all could see, at the center of the light, a Queen, the Mother of God, accompanied by a multitude of angels and Saints.

The beautiful Lady and the angels surrounded Valenciennes with a purple-red cord of spun wool. When the city was completely surrounded by it, the vision ceased. But the cord remained all around, and was received by the people with great humility and respect. This cord, an infinitely precious gift from Heaven, red as the Redeeming Blood of Christ, was carried with devotion to the chapel dedicated to Our Lady, to be kept there in perpetuity.

It’s up to you to act now, with faith!

Just as the vision on the walls ceased, the Glorious Virgin appeared a second time to the hermit. She told him that it was not enough to have received this vision, but that the inhabitants must make a solemn procession the following day, the day of her holy Nativity, following the line of the cord. The Virgin Mary added that when the procession would complete its tour of the town, the epidemic would end.
The clergy and townspeople, informed by the hermit, got everything ready. And on the following day, September 8, they flocked in droves and made a large procession with great devotion. It was then that the plague stopped, and all those who had been ill were cured!

The proof of time

Full of gratitude to Heaven, the inhabitants then pledged to hold the same procession every year on the feast of the Nativity of Mary, in thanksgiving. Proof of the authenticity of the miracle of the Holy Cord is the fact that this procession has been going on for over 1,000 years! Established in 1008, it will take place again on September 8, 2023, when over 4,000 people are expected to walk the 18km “Tour of the Holy Cord“.

In the past, there have been only a few forced interruptions: during persecution of the Church, during the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century, then in the turmoil of the Revolution, when the relic of the Holy Cord disappeared. The relic was also banned during the wars, in 1917 and 1944, but the faithful were able to parade it inside the Basilica of Notre Dame!

The miracle of the Holy Cord: a model for our troubled times?

Let’s ask ourselves a question: would the Virgin Mary only listen to the prayers of the people of Valenciennes? Certainly not! Our heavenly Mother loves all her children, all over the world. And her intervention in Valenciennes is a model for us all!

What did Mary do in Valenciennes? She used a cord to show the route of a procession. And she promised to protect the town if the inhabitants agreed to take part in the procession! Exactly as in the Bible, where God often made great promises to those who agreed to step out in faith: Abraham, Moses then Elijah on their way to the mountain of God, the Hebrew people walking around the city of Jericho…

And us, in our troubled times: do we also want to protect our towns, villages, schools and colleges threatened by new “plagues”? The Virgin Mary has given us the way forward:

  • 1 day of fasting, prayers and night watch
  • and the next day 1 procession in faith!

Join us on Thursday 7 and Friday 8 September

to deploy a Holy Cord around schools, colleges and high schools,
as the new school year begins
and children’s innocence is threatened!

Whether there are 5, 10 or more of us, in our village or town,
we can obtain Heaven’s protection for children
by following the simple and powerful instructions of the Virgin Mary!

To ensure the smooth running of this Holy Cord, we propose the following, as requested by the Blessed Virgin in Valenciennes:

  • on Thursday, September 7, eve of the Nativity: fasting and prayer vigil in the evening, for at least one hour;
  • on Friday, September 8, the day of the Nativity of Mary, pray the rosary while walking around schools to surround them with the Holy Cord. We ask you to be very discreet, in small groups of 3 or 4, with the rosary in your pocket.

Let’s put our trust in Our Lady of the Holy Cord; she always listens to our prayers and answers them in keeping with our faith, placing all children under the protection of her maternal mantle!