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Testimony of Healing through the Rosary

Power of the Rosary

On October 30, Irene, whom I had not seen for twenty years, spoke to me about the “Perpetual Rosary for the World.”  I was immediately inspired and clearly felt the impact this could very well have on our world.

Late that afternoon, when I got home, I could hear, over and over in my head,: ”Perpetual Rosary,” ”Perpetual Rosary,” ”Perpetual Rosary,” without end. It was not a voice but a haunting thought.

Although having already had some strange experiences, I never experienced a phenomenon such as this. I then went to look at the Rosaries that had always been hanging in my room but which I had never used. I chose one very quickly that seemed perfect. I put the Rosary next to my bed and on that same evening began to pray.

Another striking event occurred since that afternoon when I learned of the “Perpetual Rosary.”  In effect, something heavy was weighing upon my heart,  not having left me since last July after the government imposed brutal and oppressive measures upon the population.  However, as soon as I learned of the “Perpetual Rosary for the World,” this weight upon my heart began to lighten.  When I started praying the Rosary that very evening, this burden, that had been weighing me down for months, completely disappeared and has not returned.

The day after I spoke with Irene, I visited the website of the “Perpetual Rosary” that she had suggested. I read about Catherine’s spiritual journey.  I have not as yet met Catherine at the time of this writing, but she is the one who received the vision of the “Perpetual Rosary” from the Virgin Mary on September 21, 2020. That is my birthday!

Since that day, October 30, I have been drawn by an intense desire to pray the “Perpetual Rosary for the World,” at the least, every night with my own small Rosary. This prayer, so simple, so perfect, says it all in a few words.

By its purity and source, may the “Perpetual Rosary for the World” preserve us from the dangers that surround us and free us in Truth, Unity and Respect for all Life.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a blessed gift!

Regine, Chambery (France), November 21, 2021

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