International Relay of the Rosary for the World

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In the face of the URGENCY of the world situation, LET US UNITE, from all countries, to implore the HELP of the Lord through the intercession of Mary, during the month of the Rosary!

Why is it URGENT to pray the Rosary for the world?

In the face of the onslaught of Evil on our current world: the pandemic and all its disastrous consequences, the numerous natural disasters, the scandalous laws against Life, the inversion of values and the attacks against the Church, there is an urgent need to unite us in an international movement of prayer for the world!

Why an INTERNATIONAL RELAY of the Rosary for the world?

Considering the gravity of the situation on a global scale , the prayer of the Rosary in each country is very important to build together a great bulwark of protection for our world .

Do you really know the full power of the Rosary?

The Rosary is undoubtedly the most powerful prayer that we know. Since the Middle Ages, many dramatic events have been avoided thanks to the prayer of the Rosary. Like, for example, in 1870 when Prussian troops invaded France. The very day after some children prayed the Rosary in Pontmain, in the presence of the Virgin Mary, the Prussian Army, however dominant, incomprehensibly turned back. This is just an example among many others, just as real and extraordinary …


Concretely, how to do it?

You can pray alone or with your family.

From October 1 to 3: daily rosary in every country
From October 4 to 10: daily rosary for French-speaking people
From October 11 to 17: daily rosary for English-speaking people
From October 18 to 24: daily rosary for Spanish-speaking people
From 25 to 31 October: daily rosary in portuguese and other languages .

Of course, everyone can unite with the others by praying the Rosary throughout the month.

On October 1st , for the launch of this International Relay, we are offering a night of prayer and worship , in union with us who will be gathered together at the foot of the Blessed Sacrament, at the Carmel of Chambéry .

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