Mary’s Very First Crown

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It was the Blessed Virgin Mary who formed her very first crown! A crown of prayer so powerful that it gave to humanity the Supreme Gift!

Mary herself tells us about it in the extraordinary book she gave to Luisa Picarreta: “The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will.”

Here is an excerpt in which Mary reveals to us what she experienced after the Resurrection of her Son.


How Mary formed her Crown

« Blessed child of my heart, my joy and triumph in the Resurrection of my Son were immense. All my sufferings were changed into joy and seas of grace, love and forgiveness for creatures. And I extended my motherhood over all the children that Jesus had given me.

After my Son’s death, I withdrew to the Cenacle with the beloved John and Mary Magdalene. But my heart was pierced by the thought that I had only John by my side, and in my sorrow I said: “And all the other apostles, where are they?

When they heard that Jesus had died, their hearts were touched by special graces and, one after the other, they gathered around me to form a crown, and with tears and sighs, they asked me for forgiveness for having so cowardly fled and abandoned their Master.

I gathered them maternally into the ark of refuge and salvation of my heart, assuring them all of my Son’s forgiveness.

I encouraged them not to be afraid, telling them that their destiny was in my hands because Jesus had given them all to me and I recognized them all as my children. »

A Crown that obtains the most Precious Gift!

« When my Son ascended into heaven, I stayed with the apostles in the Cenacle waiting for the Holy Spirit. They were all around me and we prayed together. They did nothing without my counsel and when I instructed them and told them stories about my Son– the details of his birth, his early years, our stay in Egypt, oh how they listened to me with attention! They were delighted to hear these amazing things, and all the teachings he gave me that were to be of use to them. For my Son did not speak much about himself with the apostles, reserving for me the duty of letting them know how much he had loved them, and the details that only his Mother knew.

My child, I was among the apostles more than the light of day. I was the anchor, the rudder, the boat where they found refuge from all dangers. That is why I can say that I gave birth to the Church from my lap, and my arms were the boat that guided them, and that still guides you to a safe harbor…

The time had come for the descent of the Holy Spirit promised by my Son. My child, what a transformation! »

Mary then explained how the apostles, through her first crown, were radically transformed by the Holy Spirit. Thanks to the crown of fervent prayer they formed around her, they obtained the greatest Gift from Heaven for the whole humanity: the Holy Spirit of God! He who gives life, peace, joy, light, warmth and above all Love!

Like the apostles, let us pray fervently, around Mary, in the crowns of roses that we form with our friends! And let us rejoice in the graces that they bring down on our world!