Great Novena for the world

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from August 6 to 14

for the Feast of the Assumption

Our world is currently going through many trials: climate change, the threat of world war, the non-respect of the fundamental laws of Life, attacks on children’s innocence, the inversion of values as well as the attacks against the Church. It is therefore urgent to implore the Lord’s grace to come to our aid.

This is why we propose a Great Novena of the Perpetual Rosary for the world before this magnificent feast of the Assumption on August 15.

We are assured of the power of the Novena, which is a privileged prayer, for those who have prayed it throughout the centuries have obtained great fruits.

When you ask anything of me in my name, I will do it” said Jesus (John 14:14).

We therefore invite you to say, from August 6 to 14, this prayer below followed by a perpetual rosary for the world or the short version. We suggest that you pray this Novena before the image of Our Lady of Myans, who is at the origin of this rosary, and who has already obtained miracles.

                 Our Lady of Myans

“ Lord, Thou who can do all things, listen to your people who cry out to Thee and beg Thee to come to their aid!

Mary, Thou who went up to your son at the Assumption, intercede with him and obtain for us his mercy and graces to protect our world in great danger. ”