100 Crowns of Roses for Mary!


On the last day of Mary’s month, the number of crowns of roses prayed each day reached exactly 100! Amazing… In the Bible, the symbolic number 100 appears 95 times and it is the Sign of completion, the perfect score!

So our 100 Crowns, uniting the prayers of French and English speaking countries, must have greatly delighted the Heart of our Heavenly Mother… And the flowers of our prayers were transformed into fruits for the world!

Placed at the feet of Our Lady of Myans, at the end of the beautiful month of May, the wreaths formed a magnificent bouquet of roses. There, in the Sanctuary, the members of the “local” Crowns, fervently prayed the Rosary for the world. Then, in great recollection, a mass was offered for our troubled world, so that peace may come and love may reign in all hearts!

The Crowns of roses have something unique: they allow many people, who were not used to prayer, to discover the joy and the heavenly fragrance that the Virgin Mary puts in the hearts of those who pray to her!

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