Will you answer our Blessed Mother’s call…

As 2022 begins, Our Lady urgently requests your help in spreading her Rosary.
In order to protect the whole world, we are looking for :

* liaisons in each country,
* coordinators by language (French, English, Spanish, Portuguese), and

* translators.

Mission :


I will make the Perpetual Rosary for the world known in my country

  • I will contact Catholic magazines,

  • I will contact Internet sites,

  • I will contact parishes, dioceses…

  • The coordinator will provide me with all the printed and digital documentation to spread this devotion.

  • I will keep him informed of my actions.

Mission :


I will coordinate liaisons from different countries in my language

  • I will receive the digital and printed documentation from the Center

  • I will collect the information the liaisons send me on their actions

  • I will transmit the information collected from the liaisons to the Center


I will carry out one or more of the following missions

  • I will translate articles for the website

  • I will find sponsors (costs of brochures, shipping…)

  • I will distribute flyers

  • I will spread the word around me

  • I will contact old people’s homes to have the elderly pray

  • I will contact schools to have the children pray

  • I will create Rosary groups