“Crown of roses” operation for the month of May

crowns of roses to date

In the Middle Ages, there was a tradition to crown the statues of the Virgin Mary with roses, with each rose symbolizing a prayer.


  • To offer Crowns of Roses to Mary in her honor for the month of May;
  • To ask Mary for her son Jesus to come to the rescue of our world in danger.

Basically, it is very simple:

Everyone is invited to find a few people (ideally four, in addition to yourself) to agree to say ten “Hail Marys” every day in order to form a “Crown of Roses” to offer to Mary for the World.

We invite you to pray these ten Hail Marys with the “short version” of the Perpetual Rosary for the world.

Even small crows mad by just two or three people are precious!

Thus, all together, we will offer Mary a large Crown of Roses, in thanksgiving for her intercession with God and for her protection of our world.


  • We invite you to give a name to your “crown” (for example, the name of your parish, or a saint, or a shrine etc…).
  • We invite you to share the Perpetual Rosary for the World link with the people you are asking to make a crown so that they may discover the importance of their prayer for the world.